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Hate me OrLov Me

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Hey there! My middle name is OrLov. Weird, right? Well, that's not the first or last thing that's peculiar about me. If you haven't met me in person, my name is pronounced "Ahhhndrea." Like you're relaxing. Yes, my parents clearly hated me. Thanks for asking! I have been married to my magnificent man of integrity for 17 years. We homeschool 4 incredibly quirky, yet spectacularly adorable children. My hobbies include hiding in my pantry sneaking snacks, looking at and critiquing houses online that I could never afford, and asking my friends for coffee dates that I often forget to schedule.

Despite my plethora of flaws, God has always met me in a moment I needed Him most. There were times when I thought I needed to feel Him close, but it wasn't yet time. Waiting on God's timing is one of the most challenging endeavors. He knows full well what we need and when. After a tumultuous upbringing, devastating loss, and being raised by someone unable to experience empathy, I learned to lean on God for His divine understanding instead of mine. It wasn't always a pretty path. For many, many years, I battled with the idea that I wasn't worthy of love. Well, more than that, I fully believed it. My life now is a far cry from the continuing devastation I had anticipated. My husband, children, church, neighbors and friends have all been incredible blessings! Tears that stream down my face are mostly due to immense gratitude rather than the stinging salt of despair.

It is my hope and prayer, dear one, that if you find yourself feeling like you're grappling for a breath, you're overwhelmed with the trajectory this adventure we call "life" has taken you, that you are able to find encouragement, solace and helpful challenges to guide you to a place of rest amongst these pages. The Holy Bible will obviously be your best (and should be your first) choice, but I would like to help you make some sense of it as it applies to your struggles, adversities and even triumphs!

Let's start looking for ways that we can say: God Met Me in a Moment!

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